About me... Kelley

My name is Kelley

I like colors and patterns
I like sewing

I like crafting

I like playing with my boys



I made them with the help of my best friend and husband:

Hubby- Lee

with all of their encouragement I sell things that I make in quantity on Etsy

there are cats

there is a  dog, that's him on the right... 

When the season is upon us, I write about the garden, canning and storing fruit and veg and there are recipes thrown in all year.
Most often I try to write about what I am making. 
this year I am launching into an ambitious  project series I am calling 365 makes.  every month or so I will switch mediums. I will try several techniques.  everyday is a new project.  some are successful... some are not. 
You can find the tutorials from before 365 makes here: DIY page. 

I am constantly learning, changing and growing.  Most of my posts will include photos.
I hope you enjoy your visit here and I really do appreciate comments.  It makes me feel good to hear from people everyday! 

Kelley and family


  1. Hi Kelley! Visiting from Rachael's post at imagine gnats. I like you blog. And have a new goal to sell more of my nightlights so I can buy one of your wallets. Or maybe you want to do a trade? :) Have a great day!

  2. Hi Kelley! Just discovered you via Smile and Wave, really love the printed fabric you've just done! Jenna

  3. We shall return….You are my 6 yr old son's newest favorite blog. Goats, dogs, other boys, did I mention cats…all the things he loves! He wants to be a vet…so makes sense….but I'm having a hard time getting him off my lap to comment….. Congrats…you're more exciting than disney game site!


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