About me... Kelley

My name is Kelley

I like colors and patterns
I like sewing

I like crafting

I like playing with my boys



I made them with the help of my best friend and husband:

Hubby- Lee

with all of their encouragement I sell things that I make in quantity on Etsy

I write about all the things in my life here.  Sometimes it is about the kids, other times about the critters:

there are chickens

there are goats

there are rabbits

there are cats

there were dogs, but our favorite companions both left us this summer. They were old lovers and passed within a month of each other. We miss them greatly. 

When the season is upon us, I write about the garden, canning and storing fruit and veg and there are recipes thrown in all year.
Most often I try to write about what I am making. 
this year I am launching into an ambitious  project series I am calling 365 makes.  every month or so I will switch mediums. I will try several techniques.  everyday is a new project.  some are successful... some are not. 
You can find the tutorials from before 365 makes here: DIY page. 

I am constantly learning, changing and growing.  Most of my posts will include photos.
I hope you enjoy your visit here and I really do appreciate comments.  It makes me feel good to hear from people everyday! 

Kelley and family


  1. Hi Kelley! Visiting from Rachael's post at imagine gnats. I like you blog. And have a new goal to sell more of my nightlights so I can buy one of your wallets. Or maybe you want to do a trade? :) Have a great day!

  2. Hi Kelley! Just discovered you via Smile and Wave, really love the printed fabric you've just done! Jenna

  3. We shall return….You are my 6 yr old son's newest favorite blog. Goats, dogs, other boys, did I mention cats…all the things he loves! He wants to be a vet…so makes sense….but I'm having a hard time getting him off my lap to comment….. Congrats…you're more exciting than disney game site!


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