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This page is for all the projects, so in the end, there will be 365... woah.

12 am jan 1 2013:
A new year is ahead of us.  With that new year i have goals, projects and commitments.  Like just about everyone I know, I want to save money, pay off debt, love on my kids even more than I already do.  I should chuck in eat better and exercise more...
I consider myself a crafter.  not in the obsessive hot glue gun and dried flower way.  I consider myself a maker may be a better sentiment.  I look around me and within a foot radius there is something that I put together.  Like most I tend to stick to what I know.  Even more so, I stick to methods I know.  I sew. I sew trampolines and plastic bags.  I sew leather and laminate.  I sew circle skirts and gun smithing tool roll ups.  I want to learn more.  and so I decided to embark on 365 days of crafting.  I can't just launch into something I don't know though, so I am going to ease into it.
That's pretty vague, so lets get more specific.  Every 30 days will be broken down by medium and method.  Within those 30 days I will use familiar techniques and the unfamiliar as well.  I will be using help from around the internet to bring in a fresh aesthetic and method for a new project.  
 Some results will be great but I am sure there will be some flops in there also.  I am starting in a space I know and understand: cotton.  The first project will be sewn, and then glue for a few days and so on as I experiment.  I have been pinning like mad trying to fill my cranium with ideas.  because later, there will be metal smithing and glass etching and woodworking and so on and so forth.

to start with, its midnight on the west coast, Happy New Year!  and this is my toolbox:

these are things I would consider essential... but, they differ for everyone.
UPDATE: I got really behind through the summer of 2013, so I picked back up in the fall and am planning to finish through 2014. thanks for bearing with me.  The final posts with links to all the projects for each medium are listed below.  If it is still in progress, then I have individual links here.

hurray for goals! you can find the projects on a 365 board on my pinterest.

The projects:

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  1. what a cool idea! I would love to do something like this. But with my schedule, there is no way i could commit to sewing something everyday. Best of luck


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