Thursday, May 1, 2014

Selfish Sewing Day 4: Custom, skinny, all zipped up

So its day 4. Day 4 of the week for yourself.  sewing and knitting this year! oh, the knitting.  Why again do I volunteer for these things?
Selfish sewing isn't really about being selfish in a negative way.  It's meant to give you time to sit back, enjoy what you are doing and sew for your own endeavors.  Most of us love to make and create.  Why else would we do it?  But, when you blog, or sell your creations, you get wrapped up in the need to produce product.  Or if you always sew for your kids, this is a good time to sew for yourself. Say you are a quilter and have decided you want to make a bag, do it now.  Its just a good time. A good time to put your hobby at the front of the queue.

I am desperately trying to finish a rather large knitting project that had to be started over, I am hoping to get at least enough of it done by tomorrow to give a concise review of the pattern. 
Until the knitting reveal, here is my 4th day project: The Sarah Ankle Zip leggings from Named Patterns.  This pattern goes together really quickly and is true to sizing.  Like all patterns, there were a few little tweaks to make them fit me perfectly.  Although the pattern makes the calf zone more snug, I like it with the skinny trouser feel.
The unique design feature of this pattern: the seams on the front and back. I top stitched them all using a thread color to match my zippers.  Its subtle.  I wish I had found more interesting zippers. oh well, next pair.

I always have to flash my behind. 
I had really good luck getting the print to match up on the front, but the back is off.  Luckily this print, which reminds me of Monet's waterlillies is easy to adjust to visually. 

 Whenever I make a fitted pant, that is NOT jersey, I get nervous about the seams popping, but these guys are perfect! There is a little teeny stretch to the fabric, which is a super lightweight denim from JoAnn Fabrics. 

See, I can even do my standard perch. I do this everywhere. Same with sitting butterfly and  criss cross applesauce.  I do that in all my chairs.  I'm always folded up...

and the artsy edit...  
I highly recommend these, and I will be making a few more.  The pattern comes with a shorts option, although I think I need it to be just a tad longer in the leg. As I get older, my hemlines get a little more reserved.

Happy Stitching!


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