Monday, May 5, 2014

i know where it goes drawer stickers from crafterhours and a giveaway!

Since the beginning of my adventure as a parent there has been one constant beyond my never ending love for my children- laundry. everywhere. on the door, hanging from the ceiling fan, on the windowsill, just everywhere. While they are very good at getting everything out of the drawers to find the desired shirt, they are not very good at putting it back.  To simplify matters, over the years we have gone to a 3 drawer system using those bins from Ikea.

Still, the laundry never really ends up in the right places. I could do this myself, as I so often do, but I know that I would never get to it. There is even a tutorial for making your own on the Crafterhours blog! Sometimes, its worth it just to buy them.
When Susan at Crafterhours asked if I would be interested in trying out the "i know where it goes" drawer stickers I said YES! Yes puuuleeease.

At first, the boys whimpered and stated that they didn't need stickers, they knew where the clothes went.  Then I pointed out that that was odd, since I find them on the floor most. They decided that maybe the stickers would help keep them more organized after all.
We went through and talked about the organization of the laundry.  Mostly we discussed why it is important to keep our clean laundry put away. For our house it has more to do with the animals than with the kiddos. One of our cats has claimed the boys room as his. He sleeps with the boys, always has. The problem comes when Winston (the cat) plays in there. Beyond Cat-zillas penchant for destroying legoville, he likes to share his kills and catches with the boys. Not all the large bugs are dead when he brings them in, and they love to hide in any laundry on the floor. The boys inadvertently find these creatures and freak out as they step on them, or pick up something to discover what it is.  I know- gross. But it comes with the territory of our mini farm.  (don't get me started on the rodents I have been finding left for my approval lately)
The boys share a bedroom, and we have a small house, so their laundry gets mixed up quite frequently.  One side of the bins are for short the other for long- shirts or pants. The "i know where it goes" sticker placement has helped Murphy especially remember where his short sleeve shirts are not just that the shirt drawer is on the bottom. With the help of the stickers and their new found love of laundry duty, they have managed to maintain a sense of order about their daily dressing routine. This is super helpful as our day starts with very groggy 5:30 AM alarms.
From crafterhours:Whether you're helping other caregivers remember where to find things, teaching a wee one how to put things away properly, or even reminding yourself, these minimal self-stick vinyl silhouettes do the job perfectly. (my hubs has no idea where to find the right kids' clothes.)
The i-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers save time by keeping it all organized. they are super cute and inexpensive! They come in 18 different colors and several boy/girl options (big girl, girl, girl w/long sleeves, boy, and boy w/long sleeves) are available. Go check them out!

Not only are the drawer stickers awesome, but Crafterhours also carries storage labels!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had had these a few years ago!  I got pretty lucky on the storage as both of my boys were born in the same season. I was able to reuse almost everything. The problem only developed when my Murphster discovered his inner hipster.
Beyond stickers, the "i spy" fabric squares are incredibly well done, and perfect for gift making. Our future hipster may desire me to get the union jack set next, as all good punk rock hipsters need an Andy Warhol colored bri'ish love affair. And I can totally see myself encouraging this in him. totally.
you can find all of these amazing products in the Crafterhours shop and don't forget to check out the Crafterhours blog.  Susan and Adrianna are so full of good ideas, you can spend days just pinning everything for later!  For even more inspiration check out Susan's Pinterest board.
As an added bonus, Susan gave me the go ahead to give you an opportunity to win a set of drawer stickers for your house too!

leave a comment below for your entry, giveaway closes on Sunday night (may 11) at 12 midnight PST

This post is sponsored by Crafterhours, but these opinions are all my own!


  1. Awww, I love the photos! Thanks so much for sharing! We still talk lots about clothes on the floor, but I find that when they bother to put things away they're faaaar more likely to end up where they belong! Now I need, like, flashing lights over the dirty laundry hamper. :)

  2. Great giveaway! thanks for the chance. I know my 2 girlies would love these.

  3. My son could really use these :)

  4. These are so cool!! I love the red - or grey - or green!!!!! Totally fun and useful!

  5. Yikes just what my niece and nephews need. I bought them bins to keep their things in but I think this would help to encourage them to use the bins.


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