Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Selfish Sewing Day 3: race a back a lot

I love racerback tanks. love them. I think my shoulders look awesome in them. That's about the only reason: I love my shoulders... in a racerback tank. Probably comes from all the years as a swimmer. Competition suits are all racerback. What is racerback you ask? well, here it is:

google image search screenshot. hi tech editing there, I know.
many many ways to interpret the racerback silhouette.  I decided to show you what I have done with both knit and woven cottons and a racerback.

First up:
my fav racerback tank-

I love all the organic cotton jersey knits becoming available, and the animal prints are killing me.  You may remember my Charlie Harper plantain blow out, well, I am adding lots of tanks to it now.

The tiny pocket tank from Grainline, with madewell neck alteration, and racerback-

My guide after the jump

My favorite tank top is a self drafted pattern, that I am trying to make into a pattern available for you! I have a lot to learn about pattern grading though.  While the method for construction is very simple, I am apprehensive about releasing a pattern in just one size: mine. Well, It will come.

The Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank with all the edits proved slightly more difficult to explain than construct.

I thought this would be easier to explain, until I worked on it. Here is the outline of my pattern edits:

1.I followed the tutorial on Grainline for the front neckline, and that was simple.
2.The neckline binding length is shorter, but the armhole binding gets longer. 
3.I shaped the racerback with rounded rulers, but a plate edge might work just as well.
4. In the end I added a pleat to draw up the extra neck from my edits. I think this might be avoided if you keep the original back neckline.
5. I added an inch to the front and back hems. 

If you try to do this, let me know how it goes, add a link in the comments, so we know where you are!

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