Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Selfish Sewing day 2:Tula Hop and Scout

I love the scout tee, and the tiny pocket tank from Grainline. Both of these patterns are made for wovens. I am lucky that my size pattern means I get away with one yard of fabric per top! I had just gotten this Tula Pink fox field as I love odd animal repeats in fabrics. Even though easter has come and gone, this shirt will remain in my arsenal for a long time. I felt it would be great in the scout tee, and so I tried this alteration that is available on the grainline blog as a free tutorial!

I kept my sleeves short, as I wear a lot of layers and longer bulky sleeves create a mess under snugger cardi sleeves. This will also keep it in rotation longer as it is going to start getting hot here during the day.

The rest of the shirt I edited as per her tutorial. I love it. I forgot to continue the faux felled seams throughout, but I did the shoulders!  I am going to add this edit to the tiny pocket tank, as well as a small edit of my own. coming later this week!

 Hoppy Stitching! 

ALSO: you can now find me monthly on the Sew Mama Sew blog as the new sewing trends columnist!  wohoo! first trends list today!

if you would like to purchase this fabric, I got mine from a local shop.  you can find this print here at Pink castle Fabrics


  1. this is SUPER cute!!! i've been trying to convince B that she wants something made out of the orange colorway of this fabric, but no luck so far ;)

  2. First, I ADORE that fabric. Must find. Next, how did you layout the pieces to only need one yard? I just made my first Scout, followed the layout guide, and used nearly the full 1-7/8. I haven't sewed like this for ages, so I may have simply not seen a fabric-saving opportunity!


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