Wednesday, March 19, 2014

diy baby goodies and a giveaway!

SURPRISE! Bet you didn't know it was a baby shower day! Hurray for Babies!

It seems as though I have been making baby gifts, or had babies on the brain for the last 3 months! In my offline friend groups there have been 3 babies since the new year! Now in my bloggity blog friends groups there are 2 more babies!

Today we celebrate the new additions on their way to Carla from Small and Friendly, and Lacy from Living on Love. Using their baby boards as a starting point, several ladies (find thier links at the bottom of the post) and I went about making them some baby fun.
Black & White Cloud - Cloud Mobile - Cloud Hat - Aqua Cloud - Star Decals -Moon Clock -
Aqua Hat - Cloud Pillow - Celestial Print

The theme is Celestial. Stars, clouds, moons and more.  Both of these ladies are exceedingly crafty, so I thought I would make them something they might not think to make for themselves:

A double gauze receiving blanket, a crinkle sensory toy, and a pair of baby mocs

The baby mocs are an older pattern, and although the site has moved around a little, I found her on Etsy.  When I had babies, I loved Robeez. They stay on for starters. Plus they are super easy to customize when you make them yourself! I bought this pattern approximately 5 years ago (the last time I had an infant, whew. doesn't seem like that long), I have used it many times as it comes in several sizing options. Depending on the thickness of the leather you choose, these are pretty easy to sew on a regular sewing machine. For Lacy, I knew she was in girl mode with light and airy pastels, clouds and the like.  I wanted to toss in a tiny bit of glam.  So pink, purple and a pop of silver! For Carla, I went with more of a dark tone.  Keeping in mind the celestial idea, I also included some silver, but added black and dark green. Both pairs are lined in a cuddle fleece from JoAnn fabrics (via my scrap bin). 

A favorite toy I find is a crinkly sensory blankie. I used Some Heather Ross Briar Rose on Lacy's.  I choose this one because the bees made me think of gardening, country and mama's life of tending.  For Carla, I took a fav animal print from Art Gallery Fabrics' Indian summer line.  It has always been a favorite, and really speaks to me for both genders, but especially little boys. To make your own crinkle toy, follow my tutorial, and you have an easy and unique baby gift.

Both double gauze blankie's are made with one yard of fabric from ImagineGnats.  I loved muslin blankets for Murphy, and wished I had had them for Hawley, so now I give them to all my friends.  They are lightweight, and can be folded up for burp cloths, laid out for tummy time, and are oh so soft. The more you wash them the better they get!
To make a blanket, I used one full yard of Double Gauze, and hemmed all edges. that's all!

But, you know what? 
That's not all! 
I made a complete third set to giveaway!!!!!!!!!!! 

 This set has a brown and gold theme going, and is somewhat gender neutral, if you are thinking outside of pink and blues.
You can find the giveaway, along with several other wonderful prizes in detail on Imagine Gnats


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  1. This is the best! Thank you so much, Kelley!!!! xoxo

  2. Woman you rock!! Those booties are the bomb, and the whole sets work so well and look so cute together. P.S. Loving the new look of your site, your bio pic is my favorite.

  3. How my goodness! The cuteness is almost more than I can handle!!!!! Thank you so so so much, you are amazing!

  4. Soft baby shoes are my undoing. So sweet! Gonna bookmark this so I can find the pattern again when I need it. :)

  5. Oooh! These are fantastic!! What fab presents!


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