Saturday, January 26, 2013

day 26: recycled t shirt macrame

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There is only one window in my house that is good for plants. there is one whole wall of my house that works great, but the kitchen window gets my attention and the right amount of filtered light. So I tend to keep all my house plants right there. In front of me...

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I spread them out in the summer, so that they don't fry, but in the winter, they live close to me in my main work zone: the sink. yes. I spend most of my time standing near it.

And then at Trader Joe's the other day, I saw all of their beautiful orchids in a big display for Valentine's day.  I knew I wanted all of them, but wisely choose 3 small ones.  I thought it would be nice, in the middle of winter to have a flowering tropical plant in a bright hanger for me to see everyday.


plus the little cafe curtain came down the other day.  it wasn't really the right colors anyway... so I replaced it with an orchid curtain!


the tutorial is super easy.

 I used three shirts in my to be recycled pile.  the one holding the mug has a lot of sentimental value also as it was a maternity shirt, and the mug was given to me by an old boss and mentor that died shortly after Hawley was born... ahhh memories...

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  1. LOVE these! Going to check the tute right now.


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