Saturday, November 24, 2012

Merrily we Sew Along a cowl neck duffle!

for the second episode of merrily we sew along, we have a stylish and functional improv garment: the cowl neck duffle. (note: you can find this project on page 72 of improv sewing.)

I have a lot of ideas on cowls.  I thought I would go with the book for the first one. I used the striped french terry I had just enough left for from this project and this project.

cowl2a (1 of 1)

but instead of a pocket on the front I put mine in the side seams.  I think the best thing that I have heard about this was from my mom.  The woman who taught me to reuse, reduce and recycle with your sewing machine:
"what d'ya think Mom?"
"my top. what do you think of it?"
"that's really cute.  Did you find that used or get it new from Anthropologie?"
" No this is the one I made." big smile
"oh!  You are really getting better at this!"

I even managed to line up my stripes. AGAIN!

cowl2b (1 of 1)
cowl2c (1 of 1)
cowl2d (1 of 1)

I also did a cowl cardi/wrap thingy, and I have a bunch of refashion ideas coming up next week, as well as a refashion for the oldest boy that was inspired by Venus and Rachael doing kiddo cowls!

merrily we sew along

are you inspired to stitch up your own cowl neck duffle?? we would love for you to sew along with us (merrily, even).

but before you start stitching, a bit more inspiration to share. i'm excited to announce that this month's fabulous guest poster in our merrily we sew along series is...

Venus of Suburbia Soup!

... you should definitely check out Venus's awesome project as well as those that my lovely co-hosts have made here: Imagine Gnats and Our Improv Diary

so, stitch up yourself a cowl neck duffle and share a picture in the merrily we sew along flickr group for a chance to win a super fabulous prize!! the prizes come after the jump!

speaking of prizes, episode two: cowl neck duffle is sponsored by the very lovely Figgy's, Sew Well Maide, and Fabric Tree!

the winner of the merrily we sew along episode one challenge will receive two pdf patterns from Figgy's, an amazing handmade gift from Sew Well Maide, and a fat quarter bundle from Fabric Tree. how great is that??

so get improv-ing... i can't wait to see what you stitch up! just upload a picture of your improv placemats to the merrily we sew along flickr group by january 10 to be entered to win!!

good luck and happy stitching :)


  1. I am loving the hidden pockets and it's Anthro-worthy... even better! Thank you for having me!

  2. Oh yea! Now I must made one with side seam pockets - fantastic! xo, nicole

  3. Great fabric, it looks so professionally done!


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