Sunday, April 20, 2014

happy spring time explosions of life

If you have been visiting the casa for a little while you should have figured out by now that I am not an organized religion following person. While I do not prescribe to society's standard theological categorization, I do get involved in the Hallmark holidays. So, even though this is Easter to most, I like the chocolate bunnies.
and the real bunnies

and the idea that a giant bunny celebrating the return of life sneaks into my house and leaves candy and legos for my children (and me).
Happy day to you all, spring is coming. (not winter, winter is NOT coming)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

my anniversary

ITS MY 10 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we were so young: (scanned sorry)

hopefully I will have some fun instagrams to add to this post today, as we are in Vegas, celebrating all that we have done and made together! 10 years, 2 kids, lots of critters, and a wealth of love.

I love you my dearest Leland! now let's go to a 24 hour drive through chapel and do this shit again!

Friday, April 18, 2014

kindergarten projects

Remember about 3 years ago when I did this project with Hawley's kindergarten?  Well, I got asked to do another project with Murphy's kindergarten for the annual fundraiser.

We made found art chimes!

Using beads, buttons, weird little things like presser feet and chains we put together 4 sets of chimes with one strand from each child.

2 of the chimes use tin cans, mod podged in torn origami paper, and then I pounded holes in them to make them like luminaries.

One is a branch with danglings

and the last is  the sphere I made from embroidery hoops.  It was meant to be a light fixture but didnt work out.  More on that later.

It was a lot of fun to see how each kid made there beading decisions. I also had 2 broken wind chimes that I repurposed for the musical part of this project.

If you are local, you can bid on them at the schools fundraiser auction tonight. you know where to go if you are around!
My instagram progress:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baggage, the post with lots of bags. LOTS

preface: my hubs and I are going to Vegas this weekend! I have never been, and we are both excited for pool side cocktails and a lack of whining in the background. It is our 10 year wedding anniversary while we are there, my instagram feed is going to be... AWESOME. 

I do a lot of my own bag making.  I have a style I like, and I I use it almost exclusively.  But I got lost in the wonders at Noodlehead this weekend, and decided for our trip I wanted some matching baggage.

Some of you may have been following along monday on instagram as I posted completed bags, I was really on a making train and had to share the love. its not over yet!
There is a great tutorial on the Robert Kaufman site for this duffle bag.  I made it a little bigger to meet the exact airline standards.  And I made it from laminate... of course. I also made one for my husband. These bags are great!  I put 2 pairs of heels, 3 days worth of day wear and night out wear in there! plus toiletries and a pair of flip flops! Hubby's bag is holding similar, but with less variety and no heels (snort).  The size is EXACTLY 9 x 14 x 22 !  just right for the overhead compartment.

It helped that I have the same laminate print in 2 colors.  I omitted the pockets on the front, because I wanted it to squeeze into an overhead compartment, and I don't intend on using the pockets anyway. I used pinking shears on the interior seams and did not quilt the laminate.

But I really felt like I needed a big tote, for my camera and clutch and kindle and knitting.  I was considering a good design in my head, but I only had 4 days, and LOTS of sewing.  So I decided to let someone else do the designing and bought Noodleheads Super tote pattern.

This is a great pattern. the bag is a good size, and I made it to specific instruction.  Next time I might add a sleeve for a tablet on the interior.  I choose to do the recessed zipper, which is set big enough, that if you leave it unzipped it rests easily against the interior of the bag, staying out of the way.  Because I used laminate, I added canvas as the stabilizer.  The laminate is a cotton canvas from Echino (the cameras are available here), and it is very sturdy all on its own. I think in future makes, I will use an iron on stabilizer if I use standard cotton for the interior, mostly because I like the interior to be crisp. the laminate almost stands straight up on its own and doesn't need added stabilizer. I choose to use jute strapping for the straps.  The buggy Echino was purchased from @ginapina via instagram  fabric destash.

I shoved everything I thought I would want access to on the plane inside to make sure it was going to work, and it is awesome.
Bonus: there is a clause in the pattern that allows for selling finished creations of this bag on a small scale.  After Vegas, I am going to get a few of these ready for in the shop!

But, I needed a few other things that were small.  I sewed so many zippers in yesterday on vinyl and laminate, sheesh.

I did not use a lining for these, I installed the zipper, and then sewed the bag together.  I wanted them simple and see through. I havent been on a plane in 7 years, but I hear that they like to dig through your baggage. so I thought, if they could see through to my toiletries, that would be great. here is a brief instruction, for more information, here is another zipper tutorial using unusual materials.
I double checked and I am allowed to take my knitting, and needles onto the plane, but no blades (scissors etc).  good thing I am only working on teeny tiny lace weight stockinette in the round...
If I can get to the lace round with plane knitting I will be super stoked... these little stitches take forever.

I also decided to make a smaller version of the pocketbook, as I don't intend to write checks in Vegas, so, I wont need that. It turned out ok, but I need to make some adjustments to the magnet snap placement, and the card pocket sizes. It works, but my initial measurements were off. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Krazy for Kat!

Hurray for babies!

Do you remember the explosion of gifts last month?  well, there was one more highly skilled, supa talented and awesome lady that had a baby and we planned her a separate and awesome event!

Kat has such a unique style, that I got to be very colorful with my choices in baby gifts.  I made her the same things as I did everybody else: baby mocs, double gauze blanket and a crinkle toy.  But I got to go a little above and beyond the norm. 

Kat and I are both in Oregon, and her place of employment actually views a lot of the bridges of Portland, so the bridges made it to the crinkle toy, with Pikachu's face on the opposite side! It was the very last of my Pokemon themed panels I had from another project, and I am happy it's going to Kat!

I choose the bright red cars double gauze, because it can go girl or boy and definitely vroom vroom.

With spring right around the corner, its a great time to have lightweight, durable, and cozy blankets hanging about for baby.

Lets not forget the jester mocs. purple bottoms, brown tops, camel backs with a red stripe. oh yes. lined in brown teddy bear fleece, I hope they still fit! if not, I am sure Kat can pass them on to baby dollies in the house, or a friend with a baby.  I love them, I hope she does too!

We love you Kat! I hope I can meet baby Akira the next time I am in Portland! These are shipping out to you tomorrow lovely, may you be showered with our adoration!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

this week in knitting

I finished Murphy's wasabi sweater, started a lady bat and a bonny... the lady bat is not going to be done by Vegas, but I will get it done! I am not sure I am doing the stitch pattern quite right, it doesnt seem lacy enough, and I have started it over several times.  So I am going to work on the bonny and go from there...


Saturday, April 12, 2014

KCW catch up

Remember my list?
Well, I got 3 button ups DONE. oh yes.  I have never made button up before. I tried desperately to make them all snaps instead, but that failed. in an epic I hate snaps way

I filled enough "hours" for the week.  Although, I worked in spurts. and I have a lot more to do that I have fabric and patterns for. it must be done. must be...
When the button ups were finished Hawley loved his, Murphy hated his, and I love mine.  Murphy only wants long sleeves instead of short, so I will do that for him, probably just add a color block cuff, and I need to change the length and take in the sides, but the shoulder width is spot on.
 This was my main mini me project.
 details: the boys pattern is the jack and jill colorblock from peaches and peanuts. the main fabric is by yuwa, purchased from imagine gnats same print in two colors ( no longer available). the chambray is all a light weight from JoAnn Fabrics, I used the chambray to tie all three together. I tried to make the buttons coordinate on the boys, and used the bright pink on mine, to grab the ponies print. I used the Archer pattern from Grainline for my shirt. The ponies on my shirt are from Kokka purchased through Pink Castle fabrics (no longer available).

Next up : the Abate:

I had started working on the Abate for murphy during a recent road trip and spent about 3 hours finishing it during KCW. He LOVES it.  It made up for the disappointment in the button up for sure.  Hawley also really loved his sweatshirt.  The sweatshirt is a refashion of an adult sweatshirt, cut down, and the color remade to have the same drawstring and mock turtleneck as the Abate.

you can find more about the yarn and the Abate pattern here on my ravelry project page
hawley's pics don't really show the sweatshirt, but its a basic sweatshirt... so you get a cute mugshot.

I attempted a tiny tank, but it was too small for the boys, so I made it, it counts right? 

 So , thats what I got done. not as much as planned, but I am pretty proud of the button ups.  I just wish my serger was working so I could have finished seams. That's what I will be doing today... fixing my serger. a job I hate.  As well as the mending.  It is seriously out of controlllllll...