Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Alice for Infinity

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This project has been sitting on the sewing table for a while now.  Mostly because I couldn't figure out the perfect project for this amazing Alice in Wonderland double gauze! One of my best friends has a love for Alice, and as a kitschy sort of thing, I tend to give her handmade goods with a wonderland theme.

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In the end, I decided that we needed to have twinsy infinity scarves. I whipped these up, and they are quite lovely.

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We are kind of silly however.

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Love ya Jess

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

1st year baby booties

I have friends, that all had babies last year! so its time for a few first birthday gifts!


Having had 2 baby boys, and wanting lots of really cool stuff, the most versatile and best accessory were Robeez. I had a knack for finding them second hand, but by the time I was good at it I was on my second baby and knew where to go.

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These mama's are still deciding what they like, and where they should get it, and well, I have a good pattern for these style of booties. Here's the last time I made some.

Here's my problem though, I am out of thinner sewable leather.  I have lots of little scraps, but nothing big enough for one year old feet. So, while I was in Portland, I went to Oregon  Leather and picked up an amazingly soft and supple pig hide in a slate gray. I apologize in advance if you are anti- animal products.  I like leather. I like natural materials that can be sourced from the world around us.

Plus, pleather is too thin and stretchy for this project.

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So to our little Totoro: Happy belated first birthday! I hope these fit!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

this week in knitting 1-14-15

well... I spent most of last week VERY sick. We all came down with a basic cold. also the flu. add to that, I have an ear infection. Yes, apparently my body wants to do it all at once.
Between antibiotics, decongestants, the other basic cold ease over the counters, and some natural remedies I am getting better quickly but am still a bit of a mess...

While I am getting back in the swing of things I am still working on Benton.  I finished the back, and am nearly up to the "v" on the front.

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I've started working full time hours at school too. This is throwing a bit of a monkey wrench into my normal days, and getting the household on board with the idea that I am working now too is proving to be a long process.  Part of it is me figuring out what to delegate. We've had several conversations about my lack of time and that the boys in this house must start to pitch in. I think this up coming 3 day weekend will be all about learning how to handle the laundry.  It is the one constant and the easiest of the tasks.

Sometimes when I am working on a slow tedious project, I need to take a break to accomplish something quickly. It makes me feel as though I am getting something done.
So I whipped up a Tardis dish cloth. #tardisdoesmydishes

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Dishies are great because they are super fast.  You can make a bundle of them for a gift, or for your self. I plan on whipping up a few more smart ass dish cloths with a bunch of cotton I have floating about.

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I need to finish my slippers, because I really need them...

What is your favorite super fast pattern?

Sunday, January 11, 2015


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1.Getting some last licks in on the Piano and playing nicely with his little bro

2.Caught being self sufficient

Monday, January 5, 2015

How to Fold Fitted Sheets

My mother is a lot of things, definitely creative, definitely cluttered, and definitely fantastic. Oddly enough, amongst the clutter, the laundry is always perfectly folded. It's like a little slice of extreme order.

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She always has a quick reason, as if I've insulted her by calling her orderly on this one front.  Our house growing up was very short on cupboard space. So to house at least 1 set of sheets in waiting and clean for  all 4 beds, plus an extra set required expert folding. Add to that she is a massage therapist and needs lots of sets of sheets in a small storage area, yet again requiring expert folding. All the sheets, regardless of mattress size are folded to the same size so as to fit in the cupboard in a nice stack.
For example, that picture above, from top down: twin, queen, king

Now this may seem like a silly post.  Folding sheets? But, many people I have met seem to have a hard time folding their fitted sheets. Those pesky corners. It ends up all wadded up with no hope of working out. I don't fold my sheets quite as precisely as my mother, but I wanted to share with you how to do it. I'm also not Martha Stewart, in case I fooled you.
*this is a lot easier and prettier and much less wrinkle free with any other sheet than the one I used for these pictures.  No matter how you fold jersey sheets, there are always a few little wrinkles that get away from you.

1. start with a wad o sheet
2. find the end of one corner seam and put your finger in it from the right side.  Repeat with another corner.
3-6. With wrong sides headed to being together stick your finger coated in sheet into the other corner you grabbed so that you two corner seams match up perfectly.  Repeat with other two corners. THen with each set of corners repeat to get these together.  In the end all four corners should be in the same pocket.
7-8. fold down the edge you've created, at the corner you just created and then lie the whole thing down on a flat surface.
9. flatten out, pull wrinkles, make it look pretty or as pretty and flat as possible.
10-11. fold in thirds
12. and in thirds again.

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Good luck and happy folding!

This is really just me saying,"Hurray! I finally caught up on the effing laundry..."

this message brought to you from my tiny little slice of domestic bliss...

Sunday, January 4, 2015


This idea has been making its rounds for a couple of years now. I have wanted to do it, and have finally started.  A new year, let's start with week one.

A portrait of my children every week for a year.  The most memorable of those I have viewed are from Celina and James.  But the projects starter is excellent as well!

They are changing so much from little boys to small men, and I want to capture some of that.

1-52Hsmall (1 of 1)

1-52Msmall (1 of 1)

1. H- He's taking advantage of a Saturday morning, eating toast and watching Star Wars cartoons.

2. M- Poor little one popped up sick with a raging fever, he's sleeping it off ... in my bed.