Sunday, March 1, 2015


I know I just posted last weeks 52 project pics.  I promise sewing for the week following! 

m9-52 small (1 of 1)

learning how to grate nutmeg, and loving it.

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being incredibly silly and multi-patterned.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Better late than never, right??

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This chess set was my grandmothers.  She saved up those blue chip stamps ] and mailed them in for the set which is an acrylic over sized example. Then she made the board in a woodworking class she was taking at the local community college. I have been meaning to get a candid pic of the many chess games that have been played around here, so her's Hawley. He's trying to decide on a good move against his Dad...

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The boys are quite obsessed with watching Minecraft videos on Youtube. very specific youtubers are on their list.  So they crowd about the tiniest screen in the house to watch a little pixel dude build a house...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

go to-prairie mash up

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All of these Revived Posts (1, 2, 3) have reminded me of something I used to do all the time and haven't lately. Refashions and finding inspiration in my favorite designers and retailers. "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery" right? One reason for that is all the pattern testing and promoting I have been doing! While new Indie designers are fabulous, there is one Indie line I have always loved and wish that I could afford.  I wonder how I become a rep?? (here indie means independent, in case that wasn't clear?)

Prairie Underground : a Seattle based organic clothing company by 2 amazing women.
I discovered Prairie Underground about 4 years ago and fell in love instantly. I've purchased a couple of hoodies, some leggings, and a couple tops. I generally seek out a good sale, and ebay has helped fill my need.  While I would love to buy it all new, fresh in the season, I just can't. So I have done a few refashions/ creations over the years to treat my desires also. (Hoodie, Top)

pr leggingskirt2 (1 of 1)
my version

These leggings are also a skirt. Why haven't I  done that yet? I mean, we all wear a skirt over our leggings/tights, why not make them one article?  I really liked that they create a single color layering piece as well.

pr leggingskirt4 (1 of 1)

Well, I just happened to have enough French Terry in green from Girl Charlee left to make a set and I love it.

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How did I do it? I used my favorite leggings pattern, the Go to Knit pants pattern. Then I added a tube of fabric when I was setting the waistband. It was really that easy. It only added about 5 min to the total construction time. Just make sure all your seam lines line up :)

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Monday, February 23, 2015

revived: Bogaji pullover

Revived is a new post series bringing back some of my favorite refashions and how to guides. Things that have been lost in the archives and may give you some new inspiration.  These posts also remind me of why I love to sew and create and do this blogging thing in the first place! 

I gave this top away after I made it, that happens a lot.  But I am thinking of remaking it again, as it is an unusual tee. I went digging through me fav stores websites for some inspiration, and sad to say, the amount of structurally edited tee's is slim. I did find something else I will share with you later this week though!  For now, let's revive the Bogaji Pullover Anthrocopy ( from October 2011) :

I folded the fabric into ruffles as I went, starting near the middle.  Pinning it as I went.  This is all Jersey and didn't need finishing along the raw edges.  Also, after having inspected a lot of these tops in the store, I know that they leave raw edges. 

I sewed two rows of stitches, following the existing collar stitches that I covered up.
there you go.

Monday, February 16, 2015

revived: wandering waves tank

Revived is a new post series bringing back some of my favorite refashions and how to guides. Things that have been lost in the archives and may give you some new inspiration.  These posts also remind me of why I love to sew and create and do this blogging thing in the first place! 

The wandering Waves Anthrocopy

 I took two similar colored tee shirts, one small and fitted, the other very oversize and thrifted.  I cut the sleeves off of the fitted one, and hemmed the arm holes, so that it was sleeveless.
Mine is crew neck over scoop neck, but I may try this again in a lighter color.  Army brown was all I had in bulk.

Then, from the oversize shirt, I laid it flat.  Then I folded it from one bottom corner to make a 4 layer triangle.  From that I traced out a "wavey" shape, cut it out.  Those two large peanut shapes I cut in half lengthwise and made four strips.

From there, I ironed folded pleats at somewhat even intervals on each of three out of the four pieces.  I stitched these pleats down.

I started layering them onto my fitted tee.  My tee had an Old Navy deer embroidery on one side, so I placed my "waves" to cover that up.  I stitched each layer down.  The last layer, I rolled the edge over the arm hole hem and rolled the hem at the seam on the shirt.

I tacked down the layers in some of the more floppy spots.  I tried to not show my stitch or thread on the outermost layer by only catching a few of the knit threads to hold the waves in place.

One of the things I loved about this refashion was it's ease.  I usually dislike sewing jersey, but I really find it forgiving when doing refashions. This top gave me interest, and simplicity!
After I did this, I found a few more tutorials. Here and here if you want a different method!
my version

Sunday, February 15, 2015


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valentine's shenanigans...

1. questioning and silly eyes for his lovely teacher

2. fun dip and sweet girl-friends?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

my other other job

So just in case you didn't know this, I do a monthly column for Sew Mama Sew.  I've mentioned it once or twice here, and I wanted you to know that my Trends post went up yesterday, you can find it here.

I have been doing this post for almost a year (April).  It doesn't seem like that long! I am going to set this post up as a side bar link so that each month you can find the post you are looking for.  Maybe you forgot the links that I posted?  Maybe you just need to find a new sewing blog? Well, let's try to make this an easier search!

Here are links to all my round ups over there so you can get some inspiration too! I added a pic of just one part of each post to get you excited..

winter January