Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cine Tank from Casa Crafty

I tried.
I really did.
But I have to learn so much more than I have time for right now. ugh. I was working on this and could not get the pattern pieces to print out right. So, this is a teaser. Terribly sorry. I do have one size available as a PDF download, and I will share that.
Do you see that image in the sidebar that says pattern workshop?? well, I am going to be jumping in to bring you several of my own designs... I just don't know when.  If you would like to help me get there, I will put a tip jar at the bottom of this post.  My goal is to get this tank in all sizes and downloadable very soon...

oh deer tank1 (1 of 1)

Our move is less than a month away, and all of my sewing will be boxed up for a while. I don't know how long it will be before I can spread out. I am hoping to start teaching a few sewing classes when we move, but outside of that I am not sure how this will pan out. Like I said yesterday, I am trying to pre-plan sewing.

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The Cine Tank

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The Cine Tank is a simple Racerback style tank top constructed from a jersey knit fabric with at least 25% stretch.  I've designed the Cine Tank to have a longer front hem and a reguler back hem.  A reverse of the classic Hi-Lo hem. This tank comes together quickly and is a great staple for any wardrobe.

This tutorial’s pattern comes in a size small right now. When I can, I hope to learn about grading and publishing patterns.

1 yard jersey knit fabric
sewing machine
scissors and or rotary cutter with self heal mat
iron and ironing board

cut: one each on fold front and back pattern pieces, 2 pieces @ 20” x 1.25” ( arm binding), 1 piece @ 21”x1.25” (neck binding)


all seam allowances are ¼” and included.

1. assemble pattern pieces

Cine Tank from Casa Crafty

2. Cut out your fabric.  Make sure the greatest stretch goes across the bodice horizontally.

Cine Tank from Casa Crafty

3.serge, or zig zag stitch the shoulder seams together right sides facing.

Cine Tank from Casa Crafty your neck binding with wrong sides together in half lengthwise to create a 21” piece with both raw edges together.
5.seam the short raw edges of neck binding together creating a circle.

6.find the center front of neck binding using your seam on the binding as the center back. Match center front and center back of binding to neck of tank. Pin at center front and center back with right sides facing and raw edges together. Stretch the binding as you stitch down with a narrow and longer zig zag or serge. By pinning at the center points, your stretch to fit should be even.

Cine Tank from Casa Crafty

7.Press the seam to the wrong side, giving you a nice binding along the neck. Top stitch close to seam line to secure the raw edge/serge.

Cine Tank from Casa Crafty

8.serge or zig zag side seams of tank

9.repeat binding application in step 6 for each arm hole. You will need to stretch the binding more for the armholes. use the same method of finding the central matching points at side seam (arm pit) and shoulder.

10. turn hem under ¼”, press. Turn under again ½” press and topstitch catching the first fold in place.
admire your work, try it on, enjoy!

Cine Tank from Casa Crafty

Just finished the tutorial photos for the #cinetank using @girlcharlee foxy knit and French terry! #casacrafty #comingsoon #learningishardwhenyouareold

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When you make a Cine Tank, let me know! I would love some feedback on this. You can tag on instagram and facebook : #cinetank #casacrafty remeber I am @casakelley on instagram.

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The Deer and Foxes fabric are from Girl Charlee and the Charley Harper Owls and Elephants are from Birch Fabrics and fabricworm. Many Many thanks to Susan over at Crafterhours for helping me with the digitization.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

the Morrocco Pants from Petit a Petit and family

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So tough

I had the lovely privilege to be a pattern tester for The Morocco Pants from Petit a Petit and Family. I was really excited to make these for Hawlster because he is in desperate need of pants, shorts, tops... you name it. He is really living up to the "growing like a weed" statement. It has been eerie watching him grow so quickly and then looking out to the garden and seeing the weeds jumping inches over night. The parallel is odd. On to the star wars drawers...

One of the reasons I wanted to be involved in the testing of these shorts in particular was due to the unique look of them. The sizing is also fabulous as it goes up to a size 12! So I can make a few more for both boys, which is great, because next school year they will need yet another wardrobe due to growth. Their father is 6'4". I anticipate a lot of long pants in my future.
I love the slim fit, the tuxedo side stripe, the multiple pocket options and so much more!

morrocco shorts2 (1 of 1)

I made the tuxedo stripe with double welt back pockets in an 8. They fit H perfectly. All of the fabric changes lined up and my corners are sharp! I went with some star wars comics and Essex linen. The lining fabrics are the same linen in blue. I wanted to show the contrast if needed so I chose many colors :)

morrocco shorts3 (1 of 1)

It is hard to see, but the double welts are fabulous and they look so professional when you are finished. I am excited to make another pair after I get this moving thing figured out. I am trying to set up projects in bags, with the patterns and fabric and notions so I can grab it and start working on it immediately. We will be staying with my Mom while we search out the perfect house.  Luckily she is a sewing addict to so I will have access to a sewing machine. Just a lack of space for all the putting it together, hence the prep.

morrocco shorts4 (1 of 1)

You can get the pattern here in Celina's pattern shop. You should also check out the newest issue of Stylo. It is beautiful! So many colors and patterns and beautiful designs and gorgeous kids. Truly a great emag.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Me Made May 2015

It's been Me Made May for a full week now! I am most definitely participating. Mostly with daily gratuitous outfit posts on instagram. I have been busy with a college graduation, traveling to said graduation, pattern testing and developing my own pattern for you!

Since most of my handmade wardrobe has been documented here, I will link to the original posts for these creations so you can see pattern designers and such. This is just my instagram shots!

Me made may 2015

Me made may 2015

This was my wearable muslin for this silk top

Me made may 2015
I haven't actually blogged these. I posted a quick pic for Dr.Seuss day, but These are Go To leggings in stripes!

Me made may 2015
Remember these leggings? well that elephant top is my own tank pattern: Cine Tank, hopefully coming next week in a tutorial just for you!!

missed a day pic, but Me Made!

Me made may 2015
from that time I made 5 plantains

Me made may 2015
My Victory Peplum and another pattern I hope to get digitized, scaled, graded and all that jazz...

missed friday pic, but did wear Me Made!

Me made may 2015
I haven't posted about this tank, but I am wearing my raccoon elbow patches also! 

Missed Sunday, but did do Me Made!!

Me made may 2015
My fire larch over a basics Cine Tank

So that days 1-14! I missed a day in there somewhere, but who can remember what happened 2 weeks ago?? really. what will the next 2 weeks hold?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


H18-52 (1 of 1)

1.Georgia has taken to sleeping with H every night. She has obsessively joined him for story time and remained with him through the night. When I left them, she was down by his feet. When I came back to turn off his light, she had moved up to his head. Sweet friends.

2.Trying to earn a little more screen time by scrubbing finger prints off the door...there's still fingerprints.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

This week in Knitting: FO almost sexy

sexy librarian 19 (1 of 1)

Hurray! I finished! just in time.  The Holla Knits Knit a long is over today and I finished yesterday, whew!

Here's my Sexy Librarian:

sexy librarian 16 (1 of 1)

sexy librarian 15 (1 of 1)

sexy librarian 17 (1 of 1)

The sun has been out a lot this week, and I am loving it. That means this sweater won't get much wear until next fall though. That's okay.  It's been on my "to Knit" list for awhile. I am glad I got it done.  I have several UFO (UnFinished Objects) to complete before we move and while we are in transition as my sewing will all be packed up. Its the last mad dash coming up soon.  Ack!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

revived- prairie inspired sweatshirt refashion

Revived is a new post series bringing back some of my favorite refashions and how to guides. Things that have been lost in the archives and may give you some new inspiration.  These posts also remind me of why I love to sew and create and do this blogging thing in the first place! 

sweatshirt refashion11 (1 of 1)

I was perusing The Prairie Underground goodies across the internets and remembered this refashion! While spring is really putting on the show for us around here, we still need a good sweatshirt to get through the morning.

Maybe you can gain some inspiration?  Original post

sweatshirt refashion6 (1 of 1)

So I dragged Murphy to the thrift store in search of 2 sweatshirts that were the same color and weren't completely disgusting.

I ttok the long sleeve sweatshirt and cut it up the middle.  Then I made the sleeves more fitted and less 80's gym class.  

I cut the bottom ribbing off and shaped the hem line. 

I took the bottom of the short sleeve sweatchirt and cut it to the hem line I had made on the first.  I did a top stitch with 2 rows of stitching.  I added pockets which were a sleeve from the short sleeve shirt.  I cinched the back and used a small piece of ribbing to add interest and cover the gathers.  

a note...
be sure to make your pockets LINE UP before you put in a zipper.  I must have checked and double checked this and still, they didn't end up lining up.  I did not want to rip out my zipper, so at the end of this you will see my blooper cover up.  Or rather, how I made it seem as though it was done on purpose.

For the collar, I just started layering raw edged pieces of leftover sweatshirt.  I wanted it to have a little of this feel, and a little of this feel.
I also gave it a little tail when I reapplied the ribbing in a looser way:

I liked the raw edges, so I kept them and made it more extreme.  

sweatshirt refashion10 (1 of 1)

sweatshirt refashion8 (1 of 1)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015