Tuesday, September 29, 2015

teaching- A Leath for everyday @ Nic and Figs

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This fall hasn't become as rainy as it usually is. My kids consistently alert me to global warming. They're perception of weather and climate change is based in day to day. I would really like the rain to come. I love the rain.

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Even though the rain is slow to arrive, laminated cottons are always a good thing. easy to clean, easy to use. To help get you geared up for the rain to come, I am teaching the Leath tote at Nic and Fig's for Everyday use! The class is for adults, you can sign up here, and will include a selection of laminate to choose from in the registration price.

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I use my Leath totes for almost everything. Everyone of the boys teachers over the years has gotten a Leath tote! Swimming, groceries, everyday bag for everything!

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Photography- Celestial beings in motion

I'm sure you've heard that last night was a supermoon.
Not only a supermoon, but a full lunar eclipse! crrrazy.

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And since this exact event will not occur again until 2018, I tried my hand at night photography...
Happy Monday!

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I was really winging it last night, and managed to remeber a big lenses and a tripod. But I am not skilled at the whole night photography thing...

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Friday, September 25, 2015

an announcement and more dogs

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Big news friends, BIG NEWS! Part of moving back to the Portland Metro Area was for me.  For my future endeavors and for my creative interests. Even though most of our move was decided by my husbands occupation, also for the kids to have more opportunities and diversity, my desires have come through.  So, between trying to get us outfitted for rain instead of 10* cold, I am teaching sewing classes at Nic and Fig's: a Modern Makers Studio!

Isn't this an essential tunic?  The Peri Pullover from Cali Faye is a really great sewing project for knits.  It comes together quickly, is satisfying and can be customized so many ways!
As you can see, I went intense and found this puppy fleece in my mothers stash. Oh yes, Puppies in tiaras. What more could you possibly need?

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I would have loved to pose for you in a very stylish gray and black option, but the rain only just started.  I've been volunteering a fair amount at the boys new school, so I decided to channel my inner Lisa Frank and get on it.  Although, this makes me think of Urban Outfitters... a little...

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I wanted to break this up a little so I did a contrasting band for the collar, cuffs and bottom. What do you think?  Am I trying to fit in with the 5th graders too much?  Some of them are as big or bigger than me...

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Why am I combining the announcement of classes and puppies?  Well, I am teaching the Peri Pullover! We will have fabrics to choose from (sorry, no puppies, I think this is out of print and a fire hazard...), and conversation and I will be there to teach you about sewing with knits and you come out with a new staple for your wardrobe!  You will also learn about cutting out patterns, following the grain in a fabric vs the stretch and so many useful pieces of information!

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I promise! (MOM! Take the picture!!!.... OK ok!)

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Ta Da!!!My next one will probably be a hack for more of this: 

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Side note, our grapes are almost ready to harvest and they are nearly as big as my Madre Beads, which go with everything as evidenced by puppies... in tiaras.)


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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This week in knitting: for the dog

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Since I have been gone for a little while I thought I would open back up with a little doggy love. There will be more about where I have been later in the week. For now, let's all bask in the joy that is a cute dog sweater.

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This week in knitting was an experiment.  I didn't really know what I was doing and only followed a few patterns vaguely while making up my own little numbers and such.

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I used up the last scraps from this sweater and added some soft alpaca for the collar and cuffs.  She acts like she hates it when you put it on her.  But then she loves it and it helps keep this little old girl warm.

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Plus, Grandma loves it. Which is good since Cricket is her dog.

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Oh lovely Cricket, So photogenic. Have a great Tuesday everybody!

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Silk Cine

This project had a great start.  I thought, oh yes! I can do this, I did a sewing with silk project, I can do this! It was a partial fail.

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Most people probably wouldn't spot that the binding is a different width on the arms, or that there is a slight waffling of the hem and that the back ended up with a partial pleat, and that the neckline needs to be constantly adjusted.

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But! It is extremely cozy. For a Cine Tank that I didn't edit for a non-stretch that is. I used a stretch silk I got at Mill End, and I really do love it. While the silk stretches, it isn't dramatic.  It is about a 15% stretch. It will be a cozy layering piece for under sweaters and the like. It is difficult to rip seams on the silk. After the first 2 times of tearing a seam out, I'm just going with it.

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I think it is pretty important to see that not every sewing project ends in success. The land of blogging gives us the ability to showcase the best parts of ourselves and our world. To show you the clean lines, the perfectly set up photos. I don't usually go so far as to stage things, but I definitely try to avoid the messier corners of my world. I also don't always share the sewing disappointments. I have successes most of the time, and the projects coming up will show that, but this one is a little comfort blip.

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FYI- This is not a mad face.  It is a resting face.  Which essentially means I have Chronic B**** Face... I'm trying to relax the scowl when I realize it is there. 

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Friday, September 4, 2015

little adventures part 1

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This summer has been very stressful for us. While we wait through it, we decided a few little adventures were needed. This last weekend the boys and I went sea monster hunting in the wilds of tourist rich Friday Harbor. This post is photo rich!

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We are fortunate that some of our best friends for our lives live in the greater Seattle area. So we enjoyed a stay and visit with them and spent one day, mostly on ferry rides, out in the rain.

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Both the hubs and I are glad the rain is here. It feels more like home. Refreshing, cloudy, covered in green. The Pacific Northwest isn't the same without the rain. The boys are trying to get used to it, but whimpered when I wanted to stand and get pelted on the bow of the ferry.

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Did we find any Orcas? No. We did find agate and quartz and porpoises. I didn't get pictures of the porpoises though. Even though we didn't find our elusive prey, I was reminded of two things. 1. I love Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. Really love them. 2. I used to be infatuated with whales, and I have always wanted to see the Southern Resident pods of the Salish Sea.
This little adventure made those 2 things very very clear to me again.

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So I put my foot down and we are going to see them next year during their calving season! We will come ad camp and experience the rainy beauty that is the summer habitat of some majestic creatures. We might even get up the nerve to go kayaking! ack!  But, we will not go on the boats that take people out. It interferes too much with the whales natural bearing and when they've got babies, it is overwhelming. So kayaking, or from the shore! (I'm really into this kayaking idea, and I am not a daredevil, so I need to be getting on this...)

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In the meantime, the boys got to experience the ferry, see the sea birds, and watch the mighty waters churn.

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Next year- Lime Kiln State Park, and ORCAS!

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Oh yeah, They got eaten by a whale...

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

SIM Bundle #2! Fit and FLARE!

It's that time again! Another awesome and unique Indie Sewing Pattern Bundle! 

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I choose to do the Fit and Flare skirt from Maison Fluer this time.  I had this lovely tartan plaid wool in my stash, and I immediately thought of it when this came across my path.

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Just in case you didn't catch my last go round with the SIM pattern bundle (here, here and here) , here are the particulars:
  • The sale will run from Tuesday September 1st through Thursday September 10th.
  • Please link to the sale at: https://www.sewindependent.com/index.php/product/sewing-indie-month-pattern-bundle-2
  • 20% of bundle proceeds will be donated to Women for Women, which helps women dealing with violence, marginalization, and poverty due to war and conflict.
  • Sewing Indie Month (SIM) is a month-long celebration of indie sewing patterns where designers collaborate to bring you fun blog posts and informative tutorials. This year SIM is taking place in September. It's accompanied by a sewalong contest with fantastic prizes. Since the patterns in the SIM Bundle 2 are mostly knits, this sale gives you time to make quick projects for the contest while supporting small women-owned businesses and raising money for charity.
  • This year the Sewing Indie Month HQ will be Sew Independent, which Mari from Seamster Sewing Patterns took over from Donna, who decided to step back from the site. You can buy the bundle and keep up to date with the latest SIM news on SewIndependent.com 

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  • Pay $25 or more to get the VNA Top, 6101 Fit & Flare Skirt, Bess Top, Nettie Dress & Bodysuit, and Pinot Pants.
  • Pay $32 or more to get the Walkley Vest & Dress and Jasper Sweater & Dress.
  • Pay $38 or more to get the Nautilus Swimsuit, the NEW Kinga Skirt, and the NEW April 1962 Coat.

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This pattern gave me a couple of headaches.  it isn't difficult, but when I printed it out, the tiled pieces didn't go together as I assumed.  It was quick to figure out, but threw me off at first. Then, the way the lining and facings are set up went together fine, but didn't make sense to me at first. I was trying to make it harder than it is.
Overall I am very satisfied with this skirt. It goes together quickly and has a flattering fit. I could go down a pattern size I think, if I wasn't going to layer it at all.

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Side note: That tee shirt is actually my 10 year old son's. Either he is getting bigger, or I am shrinking... either way it means I can get snarky tee shirts from the boys section now :)

Also, I didn't have an invisible zipper. So I used a regular zip and made the best of it. Over all, another great piece is added to my wardrobe! I may need to make something else before this is over...
I've made the Bess top a time or two, and the Jasper sweater as well if you'd like to see those past projects.

Don't forget the bundle is only available through next Thursday! That makes 10 patterns at a minimum of $4/pattern! Get shopping!

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