Thursday, August 27, 2015

banyan bound

This is the last of the Bound fabric. I'm down to scraps, so you will see it again I am sure... This time the other little in the family gets his own unique item.

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And ice cream... because that makes everything better. 

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Ok, so the details: I used the Banyan pattern. This is my main tee shirt pattern for the boys.  I use this one all the time. We've gotten to the point though, where H is too big. So I graded the pattern up another size (Thank you Ms.Figgy!) making this a 10/11.

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I added a little foxy to the pocket, and then the stripes on the sleeves and collar, and we've got a shirt that no one else has :)
As it turns out, M's favorite pants are his Bound Hudson's. So, while he was getting ice cream all over his face, he was doing it in style.

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yum! They've both decided to grow their hair out as well...

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We are all reaching that point of needing school to start. Needing a routine that makes sense in our current state of being. While the boys will have to contend with making new friends in a new place, they will quickly realize most of the kids are kids of people I know. Even though it's been a long time.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

this week in knitting- hearts a mess

or maybe, the tell tale heart, or... You've got a lot of heart? How about here's a heart, in case yours is broken?

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I love it when I can combine funny with handmade. In this case, it's more quirky and morbid and handmade.
I knew I wanted to give my brother in law something unique and funny.  Something that maybe his co-workers would laugh at but not have themselves. Enter the lunch box:

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But, that didn't seem like the finish. It's just an empty funny insulated box... doesn't seem like enough. Then I found this pattern and an idea was set.

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It makes sense to add an organ for transport, right? The hard part of this project was the tiny little valve openings.  I'm not a fan of tiny little stitches, but I appreciate them. I put a little piece of felt in the openings, and there it is! A severed heart!

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Oh yeah, and a bloody spatula.

Also, the Palladio progress is still going, but at an hour or two a week, I hope to get it done by my birthday because I just got some amazing hand spun that I can't wait to use!!!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Yoga Bound

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I really wanted to make something for everyone from the Bound fabrics I received, but I decided on one more item for me! So I tried out the Hudsons, in the shorter option and I love them!

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I used April's last release: Wanderer for the contrast.  I didn't add the drawstrings, mostly because they are buried in the storage unit in my stash boxes, and I just can't get them out. It would be easy enough to add them later if I choose.

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I wear them all about the house, but especially for Yoga on the porch. They move beautifully and are such a comfortable stretching outfit.

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Not only do I recommend the Hudson pattern for you and your mini, but wow these fabrics are so lovely. I really adore April and Art Gallery fabrics make a great knit!

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This print is Growth Pond and it is available now from a variety of retailers! Go get your gorgeous April Rhodes knits before they disappear!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bound in mini hudsons

When someone sends you beautiful fabric, you use it!

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So I did!

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After the tank dress, I decided the Murphster needed a new pair of Hudsons.

boundminihudsons1 (1 of 1)

This year, Murphy is getting a lot of hand me downs as his school clothes, instead of new things from a store like his long legged older brother. To augment what I needed to buy in a hurry, I am making them a few choice pieces. For my skinny long Murphy, he got some surprise Hudsons.

boundminihudsons4 (1 of 1)

I used the beautiful Bound fabric from the other day as well as a little aztec knit I had in my stash. He loved them. We walked to the post office, and discovered that his belated bday purchases from grandma had arrived!

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My lovely mad scientist is infatuated with Minions right now, so he will have one on his back for school.

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And of course, what good mad scientist/minion would be without their steam punk goggles and crrrrazy hair?

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I mean really, how much cuter can you get?

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bound and loving it

Sometimes you throw ideas out into the internet (requests/pleas), and the internet gives back!

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You remember last spring, when I was infatuated with Wanderer by April Rhodes. I loved it, made many items (here, here, here, here)with a few prints, and really couldn't tell you enough about it.
Well, she's at it again folks! April's new fabric is Bound from Art Gallery and it is lovely.
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This time April reached out to little ol' me and offered up some of this soft and buttery textile for me to do with as I would! Hurray! I decided that I just wanted to live in this, and it is gearing up to be 100* again, so a tank dress was in order. I used the Cine Tank as a base, and extended the hem gradually about 18 inches. I am still working on the pockets...

bound4 (1 of 1)

Bound brings together the elements of the South West we've seen in April's work, with a few new color palette choices and some softer pattern repetitions. Keeping with the bold navy's and orange hued pinks, you can instantly see a desert sunrise and the cacti shadows.

bound7 (1 of 1)

I'm very happy with it, and the fabric is just so soft and lovely. Art Gallery Knits are really wonderful. Combined with April's beautiful design work, you end up with an amazing product that will stand the test of time and the washing machine.
Bound should be shipping out to your favorite local fabric shop in the next couple of weeks. You can also look for it in your favorite online fabric retailers.

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Photo help from the Murphy. He was really excited to help with these.

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I'll have a few more Bound projects through the week, because... well, wouldn't you if you could??!!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beach knitting weeks

I'm in that stage of knitting Palladio when I am really just adding inches... slowly.  Since we've been doing so much coastal camping/visiting, that is where I have been adding said inches.

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While I haven't logged in pictures at EACH site, I have been knitting on the drives, to and from as well as in a variety of sandy places. Last weekend I even sat knitting and chatting under a bunker over hang at Battery Russell in Astoria.

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Have you ever been to the NW Pacific Coast? It's not exactly a warm beach, even in the summer. But it is beautiful, rugged and wild. Armed with a hoodie and a beanie, I was quite content knitting in the wind. We are off on another adventure, and so the inches will continue to be added. I'm getting closer and closer to sleeves! I may have this done by the time school starts... Maybe.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last day for the Sew Independent Pattern Bundle Sale

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Its the last day!  If you want a seriously awesome bundle of patterns you have to get on it, today is the last day! LAAST DDDAAAAY! I made the Saltbox Tank to highlight yet another cool pattern in this mix.

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So... Pleather. good choice? I'm unsure. I had some issues with the arm holes that were due to the pleather and unrelated to the pattern... Overall it is an interesting effect.  The pleather makes it a little stiffer though at the top, and I think I need to bring in the sides just a touch. I think it's really cool though.  What about you?

Here's a fast reminder of the sale:
  • 20% of bundle proceeds will be donated to the International Folk Art Alliance, which provides education and exhibition opportunities to folk artists from around the world. Just a few examples of what the International Folk Art Alliance has been able to accomplish by helping artists create stable, year-round livelihoods includes helping shelter women from domestic violence in Ecuador, building a school for children in Pakistan, empowering women in repressive cultures around the world, and feeding villages in Niger.
  • Sewing Indie Month (SIM) is a month-long celebration of indie sewing patterns where designers collaborate to bring you fun blog posts and informative tutorials. This year SIM will take place in September. It's accompanied by a sewalong contest with fantastic prizes. Since the patterns in the SIM Bundle 1 are mostly wovens, this sale gives you time to make muslins before the contest begins in September while supporting small women-owned businesses and raising money for charity.
  • This year the Sewing Indie Month HQ will be Sew Independent, which Mari from Seamster Sewing Patterns took over from Donna, who decided to step back from the site. You can buy the bundle and keep up to date with the latest SIM news on 

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There are so many other bloggers helping you get some inspiration.  Here they are:

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gallop your fingers over to Sew Independent and get your bundle!!!

oh yeah, and I got bangs :)
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